Balancing Act

I’m juggling three part-time jobs right now. That means 50-60 hours of work per week. 12-15 hours of driving to and from work. I’m exhausted.

I’m documenting my experiences for posterity and to see my growth as a professional librarian.

I started my first paying library job the day after my last library school class on December 15, 2009. I had been hired a few days earlier at Harrington College of Art and Design as a temporary, part-time cataloger. I worked full-time the first few months and then was asked to stay on for a few more months working 10 hours per week.

I was then called in for an interview at a small public library for a reference position. Although I showed up more than 30 minutes late for the interview I got the job (I did call ahead to let them know). One of the main reasons that I was hired was because I had some web design experience. I immediately started work on the redesign of their website. The beginning wasn’t too bad at all because it was mostly HTML and I could work from home which was convenient. Then I had to learn some Javascript which slowed my progress down to a snail’s pace.

After working there for 2 weeks I was called in for an interview at another public library. I accepted the part-time reference position and was scheduled to start the week after my wedding. I’ve been there now for 3 months.

All 3 jobs are very different. I am shocked at how much I’m learning. My responsibilities for each job are wildly different from each other. I’m glad I’m being exposed to so many different working styles, managerial styles, and office environments (not to mention the three different communities). I feel like I’m learning 3 times as much as people I graduated with who either haven’t found work yet or who have, but at only one library. I’m making up for a lot of lost time quickly.

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